friends who mean a lot to me. right click under their names to go to their twitter pages!

Sammie plantdriod

loves adonis, tsumugi, mitsuru & undead. @ happyele when will tsumugi come out of the basement
most percious leop ever. and my beautiful daughter. leo loves her ok.
please give this percious girl a kaokana event
my precious fanfic writer who never ceases to make me smile. also she loves daddy haikyuu
mommy who loves shu and kuro with all her heart. did i mention oddball mommy too

Nami Maakuns_

someone for the love of god bring agent mao safely home to her

Claire kkotomaru

a cute girl who just loves everyone. please protect her
sooo *slides $5* how about hokuto in a suit? anyone?
cutest ritsuP ever. got me into ritsuizu and i love her for that.


helped me out a lot with ichu. deserves rei and takamichi more than anything.
sweetest ichu mutual. mention tatsuao and he'll be there
tetora's beautiful and cute wife


the cutest and sweetest Ra*bitsP you'll ever meet. loves nazuna with all her heart
a very old friend that has been with me since the days i started twitter back in 2012. the real mvp and my best friend

Grimm IucasP

the sweetest lucasP. super kind and friendly. one of my best ichu friends ever C:

Luci _wa_ha

the nicest enstars mutual~ super sweet and loves uuchuu boy, Leo so much
a cute and sweet friend show deserves everything good. a big fan of bpro and paitently anticipates the release of it's game

Clara valksyrie

a sweet girl who loves mika sooo much. always makes me happy and smile. she deserves everything good in this world
best soumap ever. very passionate about souma and akatsuki. deserves all the love and happiness. also loves kaosou to death
a long time mutual who's just really sweet and cute. i dont understand what thye say sometimes but they're kind and they really love ryuseitai so much

Stella floraIsky

the sweetest, most loving ichu player in the whole world. she loves mio more than anything. a very positive and kind friend to have and i love her dearly
my baby girl who i relate to very much. i love her sm and such a precious friend
my meme gay friend who loves rabinoah and seiya very much. we have mutual agreements when hating noah. noah is a beautiful ugly. they also scream about every ship known to man
my other meme gay friend who loves runa and pop'n star v much. deserves alot of love and support